About Mimi

Hi! I’m Mimi and I’m lucky enough to spend my days designing incredible venues all across the UK, especially in London. I love creating unique and eclectic designs which bring people together and my passion is introducing these ideas into my home.

I get a buzz when helping clients,  friends and family and I want to help you transform your home to suit your individual style and personality.

Here’s a little bit about me and my life and why I am starting this blog!

This is me and my partner in crime Bogle. And the other pic is of our beautiful rescue cats – Khan & Phoenix!

Bogle and I bought a dated but charming 2 bed Victorian Terrace in March 2014. We knew it was a short term home but still loved every inch and brought back all of the character whilst stamping our eclectic style all over it. We are ready for the next chapter and in September 2016 we sold up and moved out and we are in the long and painful process of buying an Edwardian Semi-detached character filled home which needs a whole lotta love! This is our next project and we can’t  wait.

Soooo, meanwhile we have moved back with family whilst the sale goes through, and although very grateful for being welcomed with open arms, I am desperately missing being able to spend my spare time DIYing/crafting/titivating elements of our own home. To satisfy my craving for everything interior related, I have started this blog. TA DA! I am counting on this being the much needed outlet for some home styling steam! I am also looking forward to meeting some new like-minded friends along the way.

I am crazy passionate about originality and creating things and spaces which are unique and customised. Eclectic would best describe my style, but by the very definition, it is a style which can’t really be pinned down…


I’m artistic and a bit quirky (is this a polite version of bonkers?!) I can’t throw anything away and I might sometimes be a little too easily distracted…
I see the charm and character in the worn, well-loved or vintage, especially if it has seen better days and is in need of some TLC! I love nothing more than bringing something back to life and creating something unexpected which steals the show.

So, if any of the above strikes a chord with you, I think you may be in the right place.
I am looking forward to sharing my chaotic, sometimes stressful, but definitely exciting, journey with you!

Mimi x

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