Task lighting combined with concealed hidden LED in the kitchen

How to layer lighting and instantly add ambiance

If there is one part of your home you can’t neglect, its lighting. Lighting is key to creating the right atmosphere and providing an environment which suits the use of the room.

Soothing and calming pendant lighting

Pendant lighting is decorative and provides a warm glow

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to read in a dim room or to chop carrots in a poorly lit kitchen!

Being clever with the type of lighting is a really easy way to add some design flair to any room. By layering different types of illumination around the room, you can lift the space and also make it work better for you and how you live.

Layering Lamp lighting for a reading corner

Light and bright – a reading and working space

Layering lighting means combining light sources which come from a variety of different places. An example would be decorative pendant lighting, table lamps, concealed glowing LED and spot task lighting.

Decorative pendant lights add interest and a feature to the room. The lighting which comes from these fittings usually provide an even level of illumination.

Table lamp lighting is more focused and is a way to add pockets of light in corners or areas of a room. The illumination is ambient and can also double up as task lighting, depending on the fitting.

A dimmable lamp helps create flexibility

Task lighting meets ambient table lamp lighting

Concealed LED strips introduce soft glow lighting from a hidden source. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms where ambiance can be quickly created when cooking time is over.

Desk lighting which is functional and pretty

Table lamps are perfect in creating localised lighting

Task lighting adds a more functional element to the room and is great for areas where more illumination is needed. It might be your craft table, your desk, dressing table or the kitchen island. Spotlights which highlight the counter tops will provide the right levels of lighting for you to work!

Task lighting combined with concealed hidden LED in the kitchen

Layering lighting is all about zoning and highlighting different areas

Layering more than 2 of these above types of lighting within a room will create a room which feels complete and caters to all uses.

The ability to be able to dim and control levels of lighting is important to be able to be in charge of your own home. Turn the lights up when you need to shine a light on what you’re doing but be able to turn the levels down to a bare minimum and instantly create a warm and atmospheric glow. If you combine this with different circuits you could even add more customisation and turn the task lighting down but the ambient glow lighting up!

Think about how you want to use a room and what the room needs to do for you…

Layering lighting is simple if you know how – think about different zones in the room and how you want to highlight and illuminate each area. You might have a fabulous piece of art or a row of books you want to show off – think about pointing a spotlight onto it. Your space will soon feel like it has been curated by an interior designer!

Mimi x


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