1970s style wallpaper and antique furniture

Find out why 70s bohemian style is back!

Following on from my last post where I shared the far-out Seventies original wallpaper we have in our new home, I look at why this trend is here to stay!

You might have noticed elements from the 1970’s popping up all over the world of home decor at the moment.

Think macrame plant hangers (the one below is from Urban Outfitters), bohemian styling, cool tie-dye, wonderful wallpapers and of course, last but not least…. house plants!

brass plant hanger macrame style

Brass hanging macrame style plant hanger

The 1970’s conjure up the following words for me…

freedom – feminine – rebellious – relaxed – cool – casual – peace and love – laid back living

This style of home decor was popular in the 70’s as women broke free of shackles and took charge of their life. A back lash from control, it was all about choosing your own path and discovering life for yourself.

1970s style wallpaper and antique furniture

70’s inspired furniture and geometric wallpaper

The Seventies was all about individuality and freedom of expression. This is certainly the case in the revival we are seeing at the moment.

Hints of adventure and a nomadic lifestyle are influences in the design. The thrill of experiencing all life has to offer and feeling happy and free are other elements which shine through.

Colour influences are taken from nature and the palettes found in 1970’s decor often seem Autumnal and authentic. Earthy greens, browns and oranges feature heavily and these combined with twine and jute macrames and bamboo style furniture create a harmonious and peaceful aesthetic.

The cream and pink tie die seventies decor pillow

Tie dye pillow

The geometry is symmetrical and is demonstrated in patterns used in wallpaper and in fashion. Tie-dye was a popular method which used natural dyes and hand-crafted methods to create patterns which are always one of a kind and unique. Exactly like I describe above – all about freedom of expression and originality. The above pink and cream tie dye pillow cushion is from Urban Outfitters.

It is easy to see why the spirit of the Seventies is making a come back and why at the moment for 2017 it is more popular than ever!

1970s wallpaper and floral vintage tapestry

Tapestry vase of flowers against geometric wallpaper

Home trends often stem from ups and downs in life. When things are tough, we look to comfort ourselves at home and certain styles are favoured over others to achieve this. Home decor inspiration is taken from all areas and times of life and taking a look back to when the vibes were easy and care-free, seems like a logical option for when there has been so much tragedy and heartache with the recent goings-on in the world.

And that is why we are seeing a surge of Seventies inspired styling throughout home interiors and also personal fashion!

So what do you think of the 1970’s home accessories influences?

I am definitely a fan! I’m in!

Mimi x

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