House plant Heaven – Burford Garden Centre

I’ve recently been on the hunt for somewhere which has an interesting selection of indoor house plants. We aren’t moved in to our house yet and we have some big jobs which need doing but a house isn’t a home without some foliage! (in my humble opinion!)

After checking out some local garden centres, the selection was very minimal and they focus much more heavily on garden plants rather than house plants. I remembered visiting Burford Garden Centre at Christmas (which was amazing by the way!) and that it was quite an impressive place. I gave them a call to check their range of house plants and they reassured me they had a substantial array of plants! Yay!

Burford is a quiet little Medieval town in the Cotswold Hills – about half an hour away from home so off we went! Its a lovely drive through winding countryside so a cute little day out.

I certainly wasn’t disappointed…. if you live in the Midlands you should definitely check it out.


Lovely frilly pom pom hydrangea plants

Not only is the selection vast – the styling of the garden centre is beautiful. Oozing style and all lovingly laid out in an inspiring way.


House plant Heaven for sure

This little area to the side of the garden centre was amazing! Filled with cacti, succulents, aloes and much more. There are some really trendy house plants here which you can spot…. The iconic and 70s retro monstera delicosa (aka swiss cheese plant), the mother in law’s tongue plant which you can read about here in my post about plants which purify the air and some other show stopping plants which would look great in any home.


The boho bravour plant

This little plant caught my eye – “Bohemian Bravour” (aka Peperomia Obtusifolia) The round leaves and the name puts this houseplant on my list of favourites. For some reason, I now fancy a pepperoni pizza…!


❀ mistletoe cacti

This “Rhipsalis” plant is a bargain at only Β£10 – love the organic spindly frongs/leaves. I have done a little bit of research and I can tell you that these are actually a type of cacti and have a nickname of “mistletoe cacti” which I love. 2 of my favourite things combined…. Christmas and houseplants! *insert heart eyed emoji here*

And… how cute is this… a little Robin had found his way into the garden centre and had made himself at home. He was bobbing around on the floor and then caught a pic of him chilling on this blackboard. Adorable! A little bit blurry, apologies for the photograph but couldn’t miss taking his portrait!


Hello there!

Another thing which I fell in love with at Burford Garden Centre was the hanging baskets and macrame plant holders. I had actually already ordered some online as I hadn’t seen any in the shops. Loving the boho vibes of these…


Woven basket house plant hangers

Hope you have enjoyed reading my post and seeing the snaps of the garden centre (which is now my favourite for sure!). This is not a sponsored post in any way shape or form, I just had to share my love of this place with you.

I will be sharing some pics of my actual plant haul very soon! Watch this space!

Mimi x


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