First room to tackle – the dated living room

Every room in our new house needs some attention. The house has been very well looked after over the years but the decoration hasn’t been updated since the 70’s. First things first, tackling the living room. We haven’t yet moved in to the house as there isn’t really a functioning kitchen or bathroom… more on that another time! My thinking is that if we sort out the living room first we will have a sanctuary to escape into when the rest of the house is still in DIY mode.

Here is a couple of photos I took before we tackled the textured wallpaper…


The boarded up fireplace


Original Edwardian features

As you can see the paper is peeling off around the edges and isn’t salvageable so it needs to go! I’ve also had the corners of the carpet up and delighted that there are some floorboards hidden under all of that pattern. Once the walls are finished I’ll rip the carpet up and sort the floor out!

Scruffs on – scrapers out! (please excuse the bird’s nest on my head!!)


The paper actually came off quite easily (once I had figured out a good technique with the steamer!). Overall, it probably only took 4 hours or so to get the walls back to plaster.

Uncovered some writing on the walls where previous decorators had signed and dated! Love finding little pieces of history like this. Is it a crime to plan to paint over it?! Well, I have documented the find with a snap, that will have to do! Sorry!


The last time the living room was redecorated was in 1975 according to the walls. I did also find some very faint scribblings dating back to 1925! Amazing – love all the history this house holds. Excited to see what else we discover…

Here’s a couple of shots of the room now the wallpaper is no more.

You can see in the bottom left picture that we uncovered the original Edwardian fireplace behind a wooden panel which we removed. I will share the before and afters in the next post! Keep an eye out for it.

Now the walls are all prepped with a sugar soap clean and a mist coat of white emulsion and water ready to receive the paint colour of my choice.

Next up is the hard part – choosing which colour to paint the walls!

Choices choices – stay tuned!

Mimi x



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