Eeeek! We finally have the keys to our new home!

I am so excited to announce that after many, many months of ups and downs, we have finally picked up the keys to our new home! We have just bought a semi-detached Edwardian house and I am over the moon.


So here is a pic of the front of the house…


The house is a bit of a project, it needs a lot of love. I am up for the challenge and I will be documenting our journey via this blog. Dan and I have always loved houses with bags full of character and this one is no exception. Our first home together (which we sold last August) was a Victorian terraced house and had fireplaces in each room, picture rails and quarry tiled floor. Our new home is along the same lines but just a bit larger in scale!

The home is filled with old school traditional carpets and ditsy wallpapers. Our aim is to strip back to the bones of the building, without losing the charm, and breathing some new life into it.

Right, step one – get the wallpaper stripper out!

Mimi x


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