Ojai decor style : What it is & Why you need it in your home!

Ojai is a small City in a dusty valley in California. Set in the foot of theΒ Topatopa Mountains. With incredible scenic beauty, art galleries and new-age shops, Ojai oozes a relaxed way of life, inspired by nature.

A decor style has emerged which captures the essence of Ojai.

Mike Archer

Casual, effortless and authentic. Nothing is artificial. A delightful home grown style.

Typical elements consist of an eclectic mix of unusual objects and interesting art pieces. With a style which has evolved and developed naturally (or seemingly so!) over time. There is no rush, good things come to those who wait. Laid back living at it’s best.


The Ojai home decorating style feels organic and bohemian. Based around neutral colours inspired by the earth, punctuated with pops of colour which add life and spark interest. Personality is expressed through objects of meaning which are sentimental and comforting. It is easy to see why this emerging home decor trend captures an enviable way of living.

In a home decorating following the Ojai essence, there is always time to breathe. The atmosphere is dreamy and calming. The relaxed and stress-free environment works towards feeding the soul…

Hand-made DIY projects and crafted pieces combine to add character and charm to rooms which exude Ojai decor style.

The lighting is soft, diffused and hazy. Peaceful and time to sit back and enjoy life.


Natural textures such as ceramics, wool, leather, rope and wood all combine to create a homely and warm feeling for anybody in the home. Family and friends will feel right at home in rooms with elements of this decorating style.

Watch this space for how I introduce this casual style into my new home! It’s not long now until I get the keys – trying not to get too excited!

Mimi x


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