Nautical but nice : 10 ways to channel your inner mermaid at home

Following on from my last post where we looked at the sequin mermaid cushions, I am looking at how you can channel your inner mermaid and add some further nautical elements to your home.

Capturing the essence of the ocean can instantly add some sea-salt air freshness to your home (plus I have even managed to find a sea-salt inspired candle!)

When I think of anything to do with the sea, it brings about feelings of calmness, tranquillity and serenity. You can easily add some subtle holiday vibes to your home whilst not being tacky or too obvious.

Here is my run down of the top 10 items which you can add to your home to instantly add some mermaid charm!


1is a really cute and colourful shell shaped cushion by Silken. It is available in three colours, blue, tan/orange and pink. The front face is made from silk and is backed by velvet – luxurious and lovely! A seashell shape in pastel hues is the perfect way to add some obvious nautical mermaid madness into your home.

Available at Amara for £95


2is full of tantalising tentacles! A real statement piece which would look amazing as a centrepiece for a dining table. Nautical but nice – it is so quirky and different, really love the whimsy of it. And of course reminds me of Ursula out of The Little Mermaid! Nothing evil about this statement piece however!!

Buy your octopus bowl here from Amara

3Super starfish bowl – perfect idea for keeping your little trinkets and jewellery in. Also would work well as a soap dish or just as a decorative item on your shelf. Officially described as a serving bowl, this nautical mermaid inspired bowl will add some ocean charm to any room.

Snap yours up here – again from Amara!

4What mermaid inspired scheme would be complete without a hint of coral!?

Coral in all shapes and sizes works well as a ring or jewellery holder due to the natural shape of the coral.

4Michael Aram takes advantage of this and has designed this lovely little silver coloured ring catcher. Store all of your treasure in one place and show it off at the same time!

£60 here via Amara

5shows how you can add some simple rustic nautical charm with vases and containers. The rope detail to the top of this hurricane jar immediately brings about ocean vibes and reminds me of messages in bottles.

Again, another easy way to add some mermaid magic to your home. Works well as a candle holder or fill with soaps in the bathroom or pop it in the middle of your dining table and use as a vase for some flowers!

Only £25 here at Amara.

6At number 6 we have something a little bit quirky and a lot of fun! It may be originally designed for children but I don’t care – I love it! Who wouldn’t want to have a mermaid duvet cover set!? I know I do…!!


100% cotton and with a crisp white background – this coastal and nautical bed linen set is fun and fresh in equal measures. I love the seafoam green against the bright white. A nautical match made in heaven in terms of colour schemes.

Green is also an amazing colour to use in the bedroom as it promotes stability, harmony and reduces stress.

Get yours now here at Amara

7Aged copper and glass feels nautical and reminds me of old sailing ships at sea. Warm and worn – I think this little trinket box is a cute way to add some weathered ocean charm. Home offices, bedrooms, bathrooms or shelves in any room would be happy to see this little box take centre stage.


There is a whole range of different sizes and shapes available at Amara here.

8Number is a beautiful fish cushion – I am always drawn to anything with antique drawings or hand-drawn illustrations on. The fish motif is actually embroidered on to the surface of the cushion and the charming cushion itself is in silk.


A bit of fun and quirkiness can be instantly added to your room with a collection of interesting and mix and match cushions. This one definitely hits the mermaid ocean mood.

Shop this 40×40 Monochrome fish cushion here at Amara

9Whimsical and nautical – really love this cute shell shaped wall mounted mirror.


Exclusive to Urban Outfitters, your bathroom or bedroom or even hallway or living areas will look beautiful in all its nautical mermaid inspired madness with this shell mirror.

£85 here at Urban Outfitters.

10Last but not least – its the candle I mentioned earlier. Sea salt and sage in a cute concrete surround. Not only can your home look like a serene sea delight, it can smell like one too. 30 hours burning time and a clean fresh water scent along side the sea salt and sage. Really want to get burning this candle – all in time for some summer time vibes.

So – let me know what you think! Are you inspired by this mermaid home décor?! Are you going to embrace some seaside charm and give a nod to nautical?!

Mimi x

Disclaimer – This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click through to the websites as shown above, I may receive a small percentage. You will never pay more for a product and I will never recommend anything which I do not love and believe in.


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