SHOPPING: 5 stunning stemless wine glasses for the weekend

The weekend is here! My Friday night tonight is going to consist of dinner and cocktails with my fabulous friends.

If your weekends also now consist of nights in rather than nights out – I have some beautiful glasses which will add some fun and personality to your at home drinks.

Here is my rundown of the top 5 most fabulous glasses I could find…


What could be better than a combination of llamas, metallic gold and potent punch…?!

I am totally in love with these animal inspired tumblers.
Stemless wine glasses are the way forward… £14 for a set of 2 glasses from UO.



Cocktails & cats! Now there is a combo I can’t resist! A bit of kitsch but a lot of fun.

Guaranteed to make your guests smile.

Set of 2 from Urban Outfitters for £14 – Ok I admit, I am obsessed with UO at the moment.


But seriously… what is not to love with these 2 cat wine glasses!


Whilst these aren’t technically glass – they are totally amazing. I have a very unhealthy obsession with copper and it isn’t going to fade anytime soon..

Dishwasher safe to keep cleaning up easy & stainless steel to keep them looking brand new.

Set of 2 copper stemless wine glasses from Urban Outfitters are only £20 here.


Very pretty, metallic and alluring. I love these glasses and will be buying a few that’s for sure.


Feminine floral fanciful tumbler glasses come in at number 4 on my list of fabulous glasses.

Inspired by pressed English wild flowers, these glasses are sooooo pretty.

Pansies are also one of my favourite garden flowers. Reminds me of the singing choir in Alice in Wonderland. Full of whimsical goodness.


Perfect for those weekend gin concoctions! Cheers!

And last but not least…..


As you may now my gorgeous younger sister is called Daisy! She is currently travelling around Thailand, Cambodia, India etc. at the moment and having a fabulous time with her boyfriend. She’s been gone since just after Christmas and missing her lots! Few more months until she gets back home…

In the meantime…. these stunning floral Daisy print glasses will have to do!!


Set of 2 from Urban Outfitters @ £14.

And just to make you just as jealous as me… here is a few snaps from my Sister’s travels…


Mimi x

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