Quiz: What is your interior design style?

Do you want to discover what your interior design style is?

Take the below quiz to find out what your decorating style should be.

Find out your home decorating style now…


What is your result? Is it correct? Let me know below what your result was…

Answer 4 simple questions and your flair for interior design will be revealed!!

The answers are divided into 5 categories. Which design style do you fit into?



Is your home decorating style minimalist?

Minimalist interior decorating style is cool calm and collected. An organised and simple space. Free of clutter and distraction. Clean lines and a paired back colour scheme.

Is your interior design style minimalist?


eclectic mix.jpg

Eclectic style – find out if you are a natural at mixing styles


Eclectic style is defined as a mix of all things. If you have an eye for combining and contrasting different design styles, this could be your home style.
A seemingly random collection is actually a display of your personality and all of the things you love.

Are you a natural eclectic designer?

Vintage & Rustic

vintage interior design style.jpg

Homely, vintage and rustic – is this your interior design style?


You love everything well worn and well loved. Vintage and full of charm and character. Often found scouring second hand shops or car boot sales to find those one off pieces which add rustic loveliness into your home. A hint of French casual chic with distressed woods and hints at the old and aged.

Is your design style vintage and rustic?

Country Cottage Chic


Ditsy florals and shabby chic create a country cottage feel for your home. Are you drawn to cute cosy home accessories? Do you love bare timbers and a comfy armchair?

Take the test to discover if country cottage chic is your interior design style!

Boho Adventure

boho interior style.jpg

Is your home design style boho and full of adventure?


Casual and laid back is the basis of Bohemian interior design style. An effortless style which is relaxed and charming. Inspired by travel and capturing the essence of far away lands – Boho interior décor style is unique and packed full of plants.

Find out if your natural interior design flair is Boho and Adventure by taking the quiz.


retro mid century.jpg

Are you drawn to all things retro and mid-century? Take the quiz.


Taking inspiration from the mid-century modern, retro home decorating style is often bold and makes a statement. Shapes, colour and texture all combine to cteate an interesting interior which is timeless and won’t go out of fashion.

Answer the 4 simple questions in the above test and discover if your interior design style is retro and mid-century inspired.

Quirky Colourful


Do you love bold colours and quirky home accessories? Find out by taking the interior design style quiz.


A little bit different but definitely packs a punch. Something a bit unique and also full of colour and personality. A quirky and colourful home is inviting and full of cheer and charm. Odd touches add a one of a kind feel – go big on colour and make an impact.

Are you a quirky and colourful interior design lover? Take the test to find out!

Mimi x


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