Interior Design Tip No. 1 – Odd Numbers

The world of decorating and interior design styling can be a little bit daunting. I am going to share with you my top ten tips for interior design at home. I am going to break it down and share with you some very easy ways that you can tackle your home and create a beautiful space which is full of character, personality and charm.

Interior design tip no. 1 – Embrace the odd!
Good things come in threes (or fives, sevens etc.)

Have you every tried to style a mantelpiece, window sill, shelf or table and it looks wrong and you can’t figure out why?

It might be that you are missing the trick of the trade – grouping in odd numbers.


Visually, odd numbers look much more balanced whilst also avoiding looking too contrived or stale. You can be as playful as you want, mix up heights, shapes, colours and textures but if you stick the the rule of threes you will create a harmonious little vignette.

(BTW… Vignette is simply a word which describes a little display or feature.)

So where can you apply this new interior design tip in the home?

Anywhere you want to display items or make an arrangement of objects! Perfect for a #shelfie or bedside table, coffee table, counter top, dressing table… the list is endless.


Three certainly isn’t a crowd – trios of items will be easier on the eye than pairs.
These cute cactus tealight candles can be found here at Urban Outfitters.

Plant lady is the new cat lady if you hadn’t heard! Me – I cover both titles…!


Odd numbers are the charm, think three, five, seven…. you get the idea. The more you group, the more personality. Take a chance and have a play around in your home.

Stay tuned for my next interior design home styling top tip!!

Mimi x

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