Time for a spring clean? 3 Storage hacks for a tidy home.

March is here already. Not entirely sure how that has happened though, we are now into the third month of 2017.


Time to start thinking ahead, into spring. Dreaming of fresh flowers, lighter mornings and maybe a bit of sunshine…. Ok that might be pushing it too far.

Spring is always a great time to sweep away the cobwebs, get organised and have a bit of a tidy up. We start to have a bit more energy and think its time we ticked off a few items on the to do list.


Here is my run down of 3 ways you can clean up and get tidy.

  1. Organise your entrance hall with key holders and post storage.

    This will tidy up the area you first come in to and also be a perfect place to hang your keys. Hopefully this will save you a few minutes in the morning when they seem to have moved themselves to some obscure location…. (or is that just me?!)

    Shop this handmade English Oak key holder & post storage here at Etsy UK

  2. Tidy away the trinkets

    Although I believe in having items around you which are unique to you and add a bit of personality to your home. Sometimes little knick knacks can create a cluttered environment and cause a chaotic feeling. Time to tidy up and store some of them away. Clean down your sides – organise all of your bits into one place.

    There are some beautiful storage pieces which will add to your décor aesthetically as well as being extremely useful in the fight against clutter!

    Think baskets, boxes, bags, sacks, trunks, cupboards, containers – anything which will clear your space and clear your mind!

    If you have children and are over-run by their toys – try one of these storage sacks! The perfect way to bundle up mess and also add a fun and quirky item to the room.
    Children’s Kitty Storage Sack here at Etsy UK


  3. Group items together in trays on tables and any sideboards/counters.

    Try arranging items you already have on your sides and tables onto a tray. This will keep all your loose items together and at the same time it will create an interesting display of bits and bobs. Organisation is all an illusion!


    Shop this geometric tidy tray at Amara here.

    This works great on a coffee table where you can keep everything in one place. It is also perfect for cleaning as you don’t have to keep picking each item up and placing it back down again.

    The other place this tidy tip will work wonders is in the kitchen. Keep your counters tidy and clean by placing your utensils, coffee and tea jars, cook books all together in a neat tray.

So there we have it! A run down of some ways to clean up and tidy away the clutter this Spring. A clear home helps to clear the mind!

An easy way to freshen up your house and create a calm and tranquil space.

Do you have any tips to share for easy ways to spring clean your home!?
Share them below…

Mimi x

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