3 sofa shapes which will never date and always be in style

Choosing a new sofa can  be a daunting task.
A new sofa can be one of the most expensive pieces of furniture you buy for your home. How do you avoid making a mistake?
How can you choose a style which will always be in style and not look dated in a few years time.

There are 2 key factors (other than size) which are really important when you are selecting a new sofa for your living room.

Colour & Shape

You may find yourself asking what colour sofa should I choose? If you are looking for a piece of furniture which will last you a long time and be able to suit your future decorating choices, you need to think very carefully about the colour of the fabric/leather.

For a sofa which will morph with your changing colour schemes, choose a neutral base. There are 100’s of neutral colours which are still interesting and will make a statement. Think grieges, charcoals, taupes and even bolder neutrals such as tans or warm biscuit colours. If you select a sofa colour which is neutral, you will always have a piece of furniture which will effortlessly slot into any decorating scheme. This will ensure you don’t make a costly mistake and be stuck with a statement colour which will dictate all of your colour decorating choices.

Shape is the other key factor to think about. There is one vital tip I can give when selecting a style which will never go out of fashion and always look on trend.

Look to the past for a style which will fit the future…

Sofa styles which are influenced or inspired by bygone eras will never look dated because they are classic shapes. Think traditional Victorian sofas or vintage retro styles.

When you select a sofa which is classic in style, the piece will never look dated and will last you for years and years.

Below are 3 examples of sofa styles which are inspired by the past.


Chesterfield sofas look great in fabric and leather and are the perfect timeless addition to any living room. The distinctive deep button back design with scrolled arms will add bold style to your home and always suit your decorating style.

Choose chesterfield for classic style.

Winston two-seater sofa by Swoon Editions.

Mid-century modern

Clean lines and a sophisticated edge, mid-century inspired sofas will add a sense of style which will last and evolve with you. A touch of elegance or a casual comfortable sofa style, mid-century modern furniture is able to morph and adapt to suit several different decorating styles.

Porto three-seater sofa by Swoon editions.

Square & retro

Contemporary styling inspired by a retro vintage era, these sofas are clean line and simple. Perfect for adapting with you and your home as the years pass by. A sofa style which is classic and casual but can also step up and be elegant and refined.

Merano corner sofa by Swoon editions.

Let me know what you think! Have you ever fallen for a fad sofa and regretted it? Have you got a classic sofa style already? I would love to hear from you!

Mimi x



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