Why everybody is obsessed with blush pink!

I have never been a “pink person”. I’m not a girly girl and I never played with Barbies.


I have now fallen in love with blush dusky pink. It is everywhere at the moment and I am seeing multiple converts to this soft shade.

green sofa with pink walls.jpg

Photo via Sweetpea & Willow – Blush pink walls with earthy fern green.

My friends and family know I always swerve the colour and it has just never appealed to me. So why now? Why is this dusky blush tone of pink suddenly so popular amongst those who usually shy away it?

In 2016, Pantone had its first double combination for colour of the year. Rose Quartz & Serenity. Since then, dusky blush pink has rose in popularity.


Dusky blush pink effortlessly combines with the natural materials of this woven sofa.
Urban Outfitters.

I have an inkling that the reason dusky pink is featuring more and more in interior design for the home is due to the fact it is actually quite a versatile colour. Blush pink is soft and serene and works well with a whole host of colours. This means that dusky pink can be introduced into your home without changing the whole colour scheme.

In my opinion, a home should be comfortable homely and always show off your personality. The design of your rooms should suit how you want to feel in the space. When using this dusky and blush coloured pink, you can add a certain warmth which is hard to replicate with any other colour. The blush pink colour is popular because it enhances the neutrals in a space and adds colour which doesn’t steal the show but highlights the features in the room.


Boho casual styling is warm and refined with the addition of these pink tones.
Urban Outfitters

The second reason why this dusky blush pink is such a major trend for 2017 is that it is the perfect colour combination with the rich green tones of foliage.

Plant lady is the new cat lady!
And dusky pink is the perfect partner in crime.


How amazing is this cat cushion! Combines 2 of my favourite things – cats and interior design! And of course – my current love of blush pink.
(precious pussy cushion – buy it here)


Image by Desenio

Dark, moody interiors pop with a flourish of pink.
Inky and sensual – deep and dramatic.

Here is my rundown of some lovely blush pink accessories for the home…


  1. Rose pink flex lamp base. £139
  2. Chic & Zen Powder Pink picnic glass. £10
  3. Neo Barocco acrylic tumbler in dusky pink. £7
  4. Celeste lustre pink glass pendant light by Zoffany. £270
  5. Rose Quartz agate and gold coasters. £213
  6. Precious pussy pink cushion. £95
  7. Bashful blush pink bunnies cushion. £95
  8. Rose ghost kartell ghost stool. £107
  9. Dusky pink faux fur pouf cube. £229
  10. Palm beach pink and green water bottle. £25

So there you have it! Why I think the nation is obsessed with blush and dusky pink colours in 2017. A trend which will sway you, even if you aren’t a pink lover by choice!!

Mimi x


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