How to create a cheerful and happy home

These dark, dreary winter months are dragging out for what feels like forever.

Long hours of darkness means more hours of those miserable days. Gloomy and cold.

So how can we create a happy home which is full of cheer?
Is there a way to instantly add some colour and uplift the mood of the rooms in our home?

71f895a21064ebabd46a.jpgKingfisher cushion by Candle Key @ Wolf & Badger – shop here.

When we think of happiness, I tend to instantly think of the joyful circular emoji with a beaming smile!
We can use the essence of this to create a home which exudes happiness and brings a smile to the face of everybody who lives there and also to anyone who pops round.


What do you think of when I say the word yellow? As a colour, what does it conjure up in our minds? I think it would be safe to say that things like sunshine, happiness, summertime and holidays spring to mind.

I think everybody should be using more yellow in their homes to create a cheery, happy space. Imagine coming home from a long stressful day to an uplifting pop of courageous colour. It would be hard not to notice it and it would be equally as hard not to think happy thoughts.

The below print is by Eleanor Stuart and captures some of these homely mustard yellow tones. It’s bright, colourful and intricate. I love any art print which has vintage style illustration and this one definitely doesn’t disappoint in that department!

You can buy it here via Wolf & Badger for only £15!

eleanor stuart home sweet home print.jpg

Fresh flowers come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Yellow tulips or golden sunflowers are an easy and cheap way to add some instant happiness to your home. Bright, vibrant, full of life – oozing with cheer and colour.


Another easy way to introduce yellow into your home is via loose home accessories like cushions, throws, vases, lampshades or towels! The list goes on. Happiness can be found in the smallest of items.

These crinkle effect cushions are quirky and homely and add this instant pop of cheery yellow to your living room. You can buy them here at Wolf & Badger, starting from £75.

Similar to fresh flowers, fresh fruit such as bananas or pineapples can add happiness to your home. Displayed and taking pride of place in your home, these tropical fruits will remind you of lands far away and be the perfect escape from a bad day.


So what do you think? Will you be adding pops of yellow sunshine colours to your home in order to banish the wintery blues?!

Mimi x


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