9 Gorgeous glass vases which will add texture and shine to any room

  1. “Tangelo” by Habitat. £25
    The vibrant and vivacious orange bubble glass. Full of shine and packs a punch with this rich and raunchy deep orange hue.

    orange glass vase habitat.jpg

  2. Black & Brass Large Globe Lamp via Amara. £86
    Delicate and round but certainly not lacking any drama. I love this vase, it looks great in the home with or without flowers.


  3. Set of 2 – Recycled bud vases by Cox & Cox. £16.50
    Rustic but refined – these hand crafted glass teardrop vases are a beautiful balance between shabby chic and polished perfection.


  4. Alfredo Glass vase by Georg Jensen at Amara. £140
    Gorgeously green – fabulously organic shape. This unique shaped glass vase is amazing. There is something retro and glamourous about it, whilst also being very cool and creative.


  5. “Chequer” by Habitat. £20
    Monochrome magic by Habitat. This black and white glass vase is mouth-blown and full of charm. The overall shape is a little bit unusual and is almost like a flattened oval. Something a bit quirky and adds a lot of personality to a room.


  6. Tall fluted glass vase by Kelly Hoppen. £35
    A stunning smokey glass vase with a unique and interesting shape. Hand blown in Poland, oozes style and quality and would look great on any table, shelf or mantelpiece.


  7. Jewel vase by the Scandinavian Design Centre. £35
    Another beautiful mouth-blown glass vase. This one is more angular and has facetted corners like a gemstone. A jewel in the crown of anyone’s room.


  8. Bud Vase – Lightbulb via Etsy. £8.24
    Upcycled and handmade – beautiful styling made easy by users on Etsy who create all of their items by hand. Natural materials in a new and exciting way. Repurposing old lightbulbs into pretty little vases – wonderful.


  9. Large Sauvignon Blanc Wine Bottle Glass Vase by French Connection. £10.50
    A wine bottle transformed into a glass bottle vase! Yes please. Vintage styling combines with this shabby chic style to create an authentic and charming vase.



So there you have it, a quick run down of 9 gorgeous glass vases which would compliment any interior space. Creative, quirky and earthy.

Which is your favourite?

Mimi x


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