You won’t want to miss these quirky, fun & unusual trays by Ibride.

As I am a big nature and animal lover, when I came across these amazing trays by Ibride – I instantly fell in love.

They are the perfect blend of all things quirky, colourful and unusual. Designed in France, these beautiful and also functional trays add fun and creativity to any space.

I am a big sucker for anything with animals on. I always find they add personality and inject some fun into the home.

One of my favourite framed prints is of a dog dressed up as some sort of interesting historical general (my best guess!!) Everybody always comments on him when they see him hanging up on the wall.
These trays by Ibride via Amara (starting from £55) will fit fabulously along side him!


How fabulous are these!!!

As they are so aesthetically pleasing, these ibride quirky animal trays can also be hung on the wall and displayed as wonderful wall art.


Galery de Portraits by Ibride – Oval Tray – design = Achille. Click here to snap her up!

This deliciously dark duck scene is everything I would want from a tray and more! I love the deep dark colours which would look great in any room. Causing a stir – creating a statement and instantly attracting the attention of any visitors! I would never get bored of seeing this darling duck! Cheers! What about hanging her above a beautiful bar cart or hanging a pair in the dining room over a sideboard.

Ibride trays – the perfect accompaniment to any interior which wants to pack a punch and express some personality and fun.


Quirky but definitely a talking point. Lots of fun and will capture the imagination of anybody looking to add some drama to their home! Ibride trays hung on the wall with trompe l’oeil effect art installation. It may not be playing it safe – but who wants to do that!! Exciting and interesting – a unique and eclectic way to add fun and a playful vibe to the home.


Fabulous feline friend (another amazing ibride tray, available at amara) dressed in a very elegant dress while posing delightfully for the painter! I love everything about this, the theatre, the moody colours and the quirkiness.

And love the detailing to the perimeter of the tray. Very ornate and captures a character and charm which is hard to replicate.

I hope you love them as much as I do!

What are your thoughts? Would you use them in your home?!

Mimi x


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