Discover how paint can instantly transform the mood of a room

Updating your home can be easily done by changing the colour of the walls. Choosing the right shade and colour can be a difficult task.

I’m looking at how the same space can be totally transformed by using 3 different colours.

Tackling decoration works to a room can be a bit daunting. You can help yourself to work out what sort of paint you should choose. One easy way to figure this out is to break it down to a couple of simple words which could be used to describe the end result.

If you are looking for a kitchen which is bright, fresh and homely, you want to search for a paint which will reflect these words. Using a dark moody hue wouldn’t be the answer and you should instead look for a fresh green or a homely mustard yellow paint for the walls.


vibrant green wall paint.jpg

In the above sketch, I have used a mid tone earthy green colour. This creates a fresh, vibrant room which is full of energy and life. Green is a great colour to use when you want to bring the outdoors in and it instantly brings vitality and freshness to a room.

What colours to pair with this earthy green tone?
To carry on with the fresh, energetic interior, look at vibrant colours which you might naturally find in nature. Using colours which are found in the great outdoors will feel authentic and organic.

green colour combination.jpg

Grounded, fresh and vibrant. The green paint colour shines through and is well balanced with more neutral tones like putty and charcoal.


dark moody blue walls.jpg

If you’re looking for a moody and dramatic room pick a dark colour. Using darker coloured paints, even in larger rooms, can create a cosy atmosphere. Here you can see that the same space instantly has more impact and is bolder and makes more of a style statement.

What colours to pair with moody and dramatic dark paint colours?
Unexpected and almost neon flashes work well to offset the darker paint colours. Bright colours also balance well and add life and colour. Tangerine orange perfectly compliments the dark navy paint colours. Fresh white against these colours is a must. Crisp and colourful.

habitat blue orange dinnerware.jpg

Blot blue dinnerware by Habitat

Moody dark paint colours work best with a neutral like this soft dove grey. Contrasted by an electric Satsuma orange colour and all balanced with crisp brilliant white.


blush pink powder soft walls.jpg

For a softer feel, using paler pastel tones will achieve an airy and bright room. The space now feels calmer and very inviting. Paler colours on the walls are calm and less of a statement. The walls will be a softer backdrop to the room and less obtrusive. The warm undertones of the blush dusky pink colour create cosiness in a much different way to the dark moody hues of the dark paint as shown above.


Brookland Dinnerware by Habitat


What colours to pair with soft pastel paint colours?
Monochrome elements work very well with pastel paint colours. Adding the black and white touches let the powder pink paint colour sing. For more drama and impact, try pairing with a deep burgundy colour.

Mimi x


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