Full moon tonight! How to design a dreamy bedroom

So its officially a full moon tonight!
If the skies are clear, the moon will be showing off those curves! A spectacular sight!

Moon phases print by Desenio – Whimsical and charming, perfect for a sleepy room.

If however, you are admiring the night sky when really you should be fast asleep, you may want to ask yourself “Is the décor in my bedroom actually hindering my sleep pattern”.

I’m a strong believer in the physical and psychological effects of colour. Whether it be what you wear or what you splatter your walls with. The colours you surround yourself with in every day life can have a big impact.

So which colours are best to use in the bedroom?


Is there a magic formula which will help you drift off as soon as you get tucked up in bed?

In my opinion the décor in your bedroom should be put together so that it oozes tranquillity, serenity and has a calming effect.

There are easy ways to achieve this! And I’m taking some inspiration from tonight’s full moon!

Soft soothing silvers

Balanced and harmonious blues

Spiritual and sensual lavender tones

Natural and nurturing taupes

The key to creating a bedroom sanctuary which aids sleep and doesn’t end up keeping you awake is to choose colours, textures, smells and sounds which all work to de-stress, unwind and promote healthy soothing sleep.


There is a lot of myth, legend and folklore surrounding full moons, all evoke feelings of escapism and mystical effects. If we can capture the essence of this and introduce it into the bedroom we will instantly have a bedroom which is the perfect place to drift off.

TOP TIP! Always avoid bright red in the bedroom as although it may seem romantic or passionate 😉 it is associated with raising blood pressure! Not what you want when you are desperate for a good nights sleep!!

The moon is a sparse and barren space – you should mirror this in your bedroom. De-clutter and tidy up. The more clear surfaces and floor you have, the more breathing room you will have which will work wonders when you want to relax and get to sleep!


Along with using the right colours, the right scents are also important in the bedroom. Using fragrances like freshly washed linen, lavender, chamomile or other calming smells will trigger the pause button and distract the mind from the 10 million things you need to do the following day!


Jonathan Adler – Muse D’argent Candle via Amara


When selecting textures think of soft, luxurious and comforting finishes. Cashmere blankets, crisp white bed linen and silky fabrics. Light fabrics such as silk or cottons can also help lower your body temperature which apparently is another aid to sleep.


Gingerlily Silk bedding via Amara


ANOTHER TOP TIP! Try and keep a carafe of water on your bedside table. Refreshing yourself with a glass of water in the mornings will boost your metabolism and help you jump out of bed!
I hope!! 😀


Lighting is also key – think of the nightsky…. its dark and calm. You need to ban the blue light which comes from TV’s, tablets and phones. This type of light will keep you awake for longer! Not what you need after that long, drawn out and stressful day.

Soft, glowing table lamps and dimmable ceiling lights will allow you to alter the brightness and slowly ease yourself into the peaceful land of nod. LED filament bulbs are perfect to use for bedside table lamps as they give out just the right level of light and are very cosy and inviting.

Soothing Grey Ombre Table Lamp by Cox & Cox – £75

I hope there are some useful tips which will help you to create your own tranquil bedroom. The decoration ideas and inspiration on how to introduce ways to aid sleep will hopefully work wonders for you and leave you feeling refreshed and full of vitality the next day!

If you want any further tips or help in selecting any finishes – please get in touch! I will be happy to help! And who wouldn’t want free bedroom design advice!!

Mimi x


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