5 artistic Valentine’s day gifts which will last all year round

With Valentine’s day just over a week away, I thought I would have a look at what gifts are around.
I’m sure we’ve all been tempted to buy these throw away novelty gifts for our other halves but what about choosing something which will enhance the space around us and last all year.

Here’s my run down of the top 5 gifts which will be loved again and again!

1. Red Heart wall art. £22 from Urban Outfitters.

Graphic and bold! What is not to love about this striking love heart print. This print will compliment any home which is filled with love! Awww! How romantic! No throw away presents around here! Gift something which will last AND make your house beautiful!! Win win right?!

2. Heat-up huggable cactus love buddy! £16 from Urban Outfitters.

If you or your other half is anything like me, you will be able to discover many uses for these heatable buddys. Headaches, pains, cold nights, cold beds, stress relief, I could go on! There will always be a place in your home for this loveable critter!

3. Etched Yours and Mine tumblers. Kate Spade @ Amara £52


Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be cheap and tacky! Gift a pressie which will last for years! These amazing tumblers look the part and work perfectly as V Day presents!

4. Love wire light. £25 from Cox and Cox


I’m a sucker for any type of fairy light or candle and this love wire light is no exception. Loose font styling is relaxed and romantic and will add instant atmosphere to any room at any time of year!!

5. Lobster bottle opener! £15 by Paperchase



So, you may have heard that lobsters find their significant others and remain together for life! The perfect story for a valentines day gift which also opens bottles (That’s handy!! XD)  and has a nautical styling! A little bit kitsch and a lot loveable!!

Happy shopping!

Mimi x



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