So, what does quirky style actually mean?!

Quirky is a word I often use to describe myself and my style.
BUT – what does it actually mean?!
AND – is it a good thing to express in interior design?!

In my head I use the word quirky to illustrate something which is a little bit different and maybe a little bit weird.

A quick google and this definition pops up…


I definitely see some words here which I would relate to! Offbeat, strange, bohemian….

So… is this a good word to use when describing interiors?!

YES!!! … I think it is!

You have probably noticed I harp on quite a lot about being original and adding your own flair to your home. I think each aspect of your style and personality should be showcased and life is too short to not embrace each angle of yourself.


Quirky balloon light – adding unexpected charm & interest! And of course fun!!

Balloon Table lamp by Urban Outfitters – £28! Instant fun for a fab price…!

If quirkiness adds an unconventional or unusual twist, do it!

Little features which are “not-of-the-norm” create a home which is full of originality and charm and unique to you.

Your home, your room, your style. Go for it!


Quirky doesn’t need to be in your face – it can also be subtle and charming!

Star Banner by Urban Outfitters – whimsical and a little bit celestial!
Quirky charm in it’s simplest form.

As much as I believe in adding touches of fun or quirkiness for the sake of it! I also believe that subconsciously if you do love something which makes you laugh or smile or feel good about yourself, there is probably a hidden meaning as to why this is the case! So as much as quirky might appear odd or a bit bizarre – if it floats your boat I think you should wholeheartedly go for it. It doesn’t need an obvious explanation!
If it makes sense to you – do it!

Cat clock and Hand Ashtray both by urban outfitters! Quirky home accessories.

In my day to day life I am tasked with creating new concepts and ideas which are ahead of the trends, out of the box and will give brands and venues an aesthetic which will stand out from the crowd! Definitely important in the world of commercial interior design! Competition is fierce and there are some incredible designers out there trying do to the exact same thing as I do! I like to develop concepts which are inspired by something unique to the venue, client or location. When a quirky touch is introduced and it has a “raison d’etre”, I believe it is really authentic and a great way to reflect something different and original.

So, in reflection…. is a quirky style a good thing to express in interior design?! Definitely!
Quirkiness is the epitome of something a little bit unusual but 100% full of fun and personality!

Mimi x


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