This 1 hypnotising colour combo will instantly add WOW to your room…

Intoxicating, moody, alluring and captivating!

Oil slick iridescence will instantly add ever-changing colour and movement to your home.
If you have ever come across a puddle with aย ย hint of fuel at the petrol station and been seduced by the colours and movement – you will love these products!

By introducing this hypnotising colour finish, your room will ooze rainbow radiance!!

I’ve scoured the net and here are my top picks!

  1. The Oil Candle by Tom Dixon at Amara

    I love candles and I think a room is never complete without at least one! This candle comes in beautiful oil slick packaging which will leave you with a lovely object even when the wax is long gone!

  2. Geometric Oil slick terranium by Urban Outfittersoil-slick-terranium-geometric.jpg
    A combination of 2 of my favourite things! Colour and plants!! Iridescent oil spill effect framework which works perfectly as a plant terranium in the home. Alternatively I would pop some wire fairy lights orย a pillar candleย in here and watch the reflections of the light dance around the framework!
  3. Heart shaped iridescent paper weight/ornament via Etsy
    I love the unique touch which something personalised can add to your home. Hand-crafted and lovingly hand-made. Charm and beauty which cannot be replicated in the main steam high street. This vintage piece oozes iridescent beauty and will capture the light beautifully on a windowsill or mantelpiece.
  4. Oil spill metallic pendant lights by Tom Dixon via Amara



Rippled glass combined with metallic finishes which remind me of lustrous oil on water. These lights have a depth of colour which I could stare at for hours. Simple but very effective!!

The other great thing about this iridescent look is that as the variety of colours is so vast but it has a dark basis – they can easily compliment any colour scheme!

Hope you love them as much as I do!!

Mimi x


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