This one tip will make your room feel bigger

If you’re searching for an easy and sure fire way to make your room feel bigger and also brighter… don’t ignore this one key rule!

Always hang your curtains so they are as high to the ceiling as possible and keep as much of the curtains off the window to maximise the daylight!

See below for an illustration on how to implement this in your home!

In the first sketch you can see the curtains when drawn back, overlap the window. To avoid this, all you need to do is use a longer pole so the curtains sit either side of the window. This will let the maximum amount of daylight in which will help create a fresh, bright and airy feel.

The other bit of advice is to hang the curtain pole or track as close to the ceiling as you can. The illusion is a bigger, grander window and a room in better proportion!

So, there you have it… an easy way to make any room feel bigger, brighter and fresher!

Mimi x


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