How to Hygge with 3 easy steps…

Its Friday night and the cold is drawing in… this weather isn’t going to take a turn anytime soon!
So what better way than to adopt the Danish lifestyle philosophy of Hygge!

You may have come across this word over the last few months, it is pronounced – “hue-gah”.
Are you wanting to know what it is all about and also how to try it out for yourself?

Well, you may already be practicing it in your home – without realising!

What is it?

Hygge loosely translates into English as “cosiness”. It is all about feeding the soul! Spending time wrapped up in doors with your favourite book, a snuggly woolly jumper and an oversized cup of hot chocolate.

Ahhhhh – And relax!

Dim the lights right down and light some flickering, scented candles. Setting aside time for yourself to care for your well being. Indulging and pampering is mandatory!

It’s also about spending time with your loved ones and taking life slowly – enjoy every moment. Savour and cherish it. Life is too short – sit back and breathe!

Why should we want to hygge and live like the Danes?

Days are long, dark and cold in Denmark and so, especially in the Winter months, Danes focus on maximising their time indoors. Warmth, comfort and enjoyment take center stage. They ban the boredom and focus on quality time at home with friends and family. Sounds perfect doesn’t it!

How can I do it? Here is 3 easy steps to create a home which oozes the hygge culture…

  1. Candles, candles and more candles!

    There is just something so romantic and calming about candlelight. I love all!

    Scented or un-scented, they are guaranteed to add an organic warm glow which cannot be replicated by any lightbulb!


    Simple and geometric styling with this Quarter Copper Candle Holder from Amara.


    Cosy by candle light – Tiny copper tea light lanterns by Cox & Cox


  1. Dimmed twinkly lighting.Like flickering fireflies, fairy lights are the perfect addition to you room. Instantly adding some tiny pockets of light. The soft glow creates the ideal atmosphere to enjoy a hygge filled home! There are some great LED versions which can last weeks and weeks with some decent batteries – long lasting loveliness!

    If you don’t have a real open fire – capture some of the magic by wrapping some lovely logs in fairy lights and instantly add some hygge love.


    Tiny wired fairy lights have an almost invisible wire so all you see is the warm glow


    Firefly string lights by Urban Outfitters. – Wrap around a bottle of vase for instant hygge homeliness!


  2. Throws, faux fur, blankets and cushions.

Cosy up and snuggle down! I can’t sit on the sofa without a throw – at any time of the year. I love the chance to relax and unwind in a warm and inviting environment. Throws come in all sorts of colours, textures, sizes and shapes, but all allow you to practice the art of hygge and enjoy life like the Danes!


Mix textures and colours which compliment your room and your furniture.

Lambswool knit in this soft grey provides the perfect accompaniment to an hour (or three) reading your favourite book. Hygge Living!

So there we have it – three easy ways to enjoy the philosophy of hygge at home. What is not to love! Its January, its miserable, do we really need an excuse to keep cosy….?!

Mimi x


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