Why Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year is perfect for EVERY new year

So, I am not really one to follow the trends – I am a firm believer that everyone should have a home which reflects your individual personality. Make your own style! Follow your own instincts when it comes to interiors!

However, when Pantone released their colour of the year for 2017 – it definitely grabbed my attention!! And is it even a trend…?!

Fresh, vibrant and invigorating – Pantone Greenery Swatch.
Wild flowers styled in a Recycled Teardrop Vase by Cox and Cox.

The colour is “Greenery”.
This Yellowy-Green hue is reminiscent of fresh plant shoots – evoking new beginnings and a chance to blossom and bloom.

All about growth and healing.
Encouraging us to move on from the last year and start anew.

Fresh and invigorating – it is the perfect colour to reflect New Year’s resolutions and to be the start of a hopefully spectacular year. Come on 2017!!

Easy ways to add some Pantone “Greenery” to your home above. Forest Mushroom Table Lamp and Apple Green Newgate Cube Clock by Cult Furniture. 

Psychologists have long studied the power of different colours on our state of mind and wellbeing. Vibrant green is a colour which time and time again brings connotations about zingy energy and also harmony. It portrays invigoration and this yellow-green “greenery”is definitely a zesty burst of life!

Add vitality to your surroundings with these natural elements. Limes shown in Dip Glaze Dinnerware and living plant in an industrial but homely concrete plant pot by Cox and Cox.

By introducing this colour, even in small pops, you won’t be able to ignore the power of this colour on your mood! There are also even studies which show having the colour around you can influence your body also. According to these studies, green can relax muscles and decrease allergy symptoms which can eliminate stress, refresh you and calm you!


Eclectic gallery wall of prints showing Pantone’s Greenery Shade. Image by Desenio.co.uk


For a double whammy effect – as well as using greenery in accessories and as wall colours, try adding some fresh living plants to your rooms. You can find a number of plants which will actually purify the air and literally freshen up your home by removing impurities.
Voila! Less illness and more vitality! Win win surely!!

Mimi x


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