festive favourite : twigs & branches

Killing two birds with one stone – foraging for sticks and getting some much needed fresh air.

In my attempt to get into the Christmas spirit – it was time to get outside and be inspired.

I ventured over to the nearest woodland and collected some fallen branches and twigs. These would be the perfect prop for some winter styling.

How pretty is this…. !

So with some twigs of varying size and appearance – off we go!

With most of my belongings all packaged up in storage – I had fun trying to dig out one of my vases.
This dark grey glass vase from H&M Home was the first one I came across and it had to do!




Here is the finished article – complete with a red velvet bow, striped candy canes and some hand-made salt dough decorations which I made last year!

Khan was a fan… not sure how long this is going to last without him knocking it over..!








Hopefully I have inspired you to get outside during Christmas and see what you can find for free to create a bit of festivities in the home!

Mimi x

Posted in: DIY

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