£10 charity shop challenge

Armed with only a £10 I visited a random charity shop.

The aim – to prove that with a little imagination you can create a show-stopping display or feature which is a bargain!


I ventured into Cheltenham Town centre and popped into the first charity shop I came to. A cute shop which was tucked away on a side street and looks like it was originally part of a grand Georgian town house.

Visit The Children’s Society website here.

Straight to the nik-nak section!


A quick nosey and it didn’t take long to spot 2 items which were £4.99 each and instantly I knew I was on to a winner.

Screenshot_20161221-201230.pngA beautiful green & cream platter. Trailing rose design to the perimeter.

Screenshot_20161221-201034.pngA crystal and silver dish with compartments  (I’m sure they have a proper name but I’m drawing a blank)!

Soooo pleased with these finds! Can’t wait to get them back and show you my plans!

And prove that you don’t have to spend more than a tenner to create something magical and unique!

Mimi x


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