why eclectic style is best

There are a number of different design styles, perhaps you have even been trying to label your own flair. From cool and calm minimalism to the vibrant and bold mid-century modern, there are a lot of aesthetics to admire!

If you are anything like me, you will not be able to choose just one as your favourite, you will love elements from each genre.

When you have appreciation for a number of different design styles you end up blending these together and creating your own individual combination. This style sets you apart and is what makes you and your home different to all. Trust what you love and your personalised style will emerge. This style will fit under the bracket of ECLECTIC. When you have a home which has unexpected twists and quirks – it will make you smile and your guests will always remember it! Talking points will pop up everywhere and you will have a home which you can be proud of.

I am passionate about originality and I believe in building a home which reflects your personality. I also strongly believe that to create a home which you and any visitors can enjoy, you need a space which is completely tailored to you and how you want to live your life.

Your home should be like no other…

… Because you are like no other!

If you google or pinterest “eclectic” here is an example of the looks which will fill your screen. To me, there is something so homely and charming about all of these images. There is a strong sense of character and personalisation. A complete mix of wonderful objects and finishes. All working together to create an individual and well-loved space.

pinterest eclectic interior design.jpg

As you can see there is a real mix of styles but the overall feeling is quirky and personal. There is a big use of photographs on the wall and DIY projects and displays. Champion the items which mean something to you – a collection of shells from your first holiday together or a pair of bright blue doors which add some fun to your living room.

pinterest eclectic interior design 2.jpg

So, in my opinion, the Number 1 style will always be eclectic! The only genre which is capable of showing off our complex personalities and lives by bringing together a vast array of patterns, colours, textures, looks and feels.

Do you agree? Let me know in the comments below!

Mimi x


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