QUIRKY : feathered friend inspired

My name is Mimi and yes, I do currently suffer from an ongoing addiction to owls!

Some proof.. me with an owl!


So in the spirit of my favourite feathered friend, I am sharing with you some snapshots of how I have subtly used influences around the home.

There is just something so whimsical and dainty about birdcage pendant lights. Clustering them together creates amazing shadows and shapes which dance around the room. Combining these with crystals and bird silhouette within the framework add to this magic.

The bottom left (a little bit grainy – apologies!) Is of my glass owl fairy light string which I hung inside a greenhouse style cloche which has a wonderfully burnished copper frame. I love combining different materials, copper is a favourite at the moment – it helps that it seems to compliment most things too!

On the bottom right is an example of shelving which has been repurposed from old wall mounted bird feeders. These have been painted a soft chalky white and now provide the perfect backdrop to  a whole host of quirky odd’s and ends. This creates a fantastically bespoke and personal display which can be interchangeable and even adapted to the different seasons.


Spot the Owl!

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet – be prepared for future posts with hidden owl references!

Mimi x



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