why you should ignore every design trend

Keeping up with the latest trends can be an exhausting process! It seems like every single day a new trend and look is born. Sometimes it can be tempting to look at a new trend or collection of homewares and purchase a pre-made selection of goodies which all work perfectly together!


If you want a home which is unique and a true reflection of your personality, you have to ignore the mainstream trends. The best way to have a home which is memorable and feels personalised to you, is to throw the trends out of the window and buy or create items which you absolutely love and are completely tailored to you!

You need to have conviction in your own taste and if you love it, buy it. If you can imagine it, make it. If you stay true to what you love, your style will emerge and the result will be a fascinating array of interesting items. Together, they will tell the story of you and your life. Hand pick pieces which stand out to you and trust your instinct. Be bold and be brave.

This is the definition of eclectic and the only style capable of delivering a truly bespoke and quirky interior which will not be seen anywhere else.

The other benefit of ignoring the trends and developing your own personal style is that you will create a timeless home which will morph and change with each year that passes. The most interesting spaces are those which are an extension of you and your colourful personality. If each item has a purpose and a meaning it will inspire you and all who experience the room!

As William Morris once said (if you can believe anything quoted from the internet!) …

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

Mimi x


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