BEFORE & AFTER : victorian living room

When we bought our house in 2014 we were over the moon! I love everything which has character and charm and a Victorian terrace house was perfect!

This photo below shows the dining room. It was painted in a dark maroon type colour and although I am a big fan of dark colour, the lack of natural light meant this space felt really uninviting and dull.


I decided to paint it light and bright with a very pale shade called “Sail White” it is a grey tinted paint colour but has a warm undertone to it.

We also decided that we didn’t really need a formal dining table and that we would get much more use out of a lounge style seating arrangement. I picked up some absolute bargains from a local charity shop.

The 2 seater high back chair was only Β£5! Can you believe it! I painted the legs in Annie Sloan “paris grey”. Also painted in this colour was the 2 dining chairs. These were also a charity shop find. The lady in the shop was selling 4 for Β£15 (I do still have the other 2) I ended up paying Β£30 for the 4 as I felt I was robbing her at just over a tenner! They were dark red tinted wood with turquoise velvet but after a bit of love they are shabby chic grey and I love them!

63595_26237102_IMG_05_0000 AFTER.jpg

Another bargain find was the art nouveau style mirror which I have had for years and years. I picked this up for a tenner when I was about 16 and fell in love with it. It looks like it was meant to be above this lovely cast iron fireplace!


I also managed to squeeze some Parisian references into the room with a canvas I painted in monochrome of the Eiffel Tower. I also incorporated some fairy lights which I pushed through the canvas at various points. (Here is an image with them turned on…!) Also an image of me and the Eiffel Tower! Did I mention I LOVE Paris!

This trip was about 3 years ago but I am desperate to go back soon!

Mimi x


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